Explore Bangladesh

If someone wants to explore Bangladesh he must have gone through the fundamental conception of Bangladesh-Geography, History, Culture, Tradition and many other things and for these there are much more reference books available in the market or any licensed tour operator's office or Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation itself. We don't have much scope to deliver the matter vividly to this context. This is mere application to our honourable visiting partners that since the pre-historical age ours evergreen, riverine civilized deltaic Bangladesh have been possessing cultural and traditional heritage which is really rare to any nation-state. Since the dawn of civilization Bangladesh never has made any expedition against any nation or race to subjugate but since the pre-historical age it has been affording shelter to the oppressed and even seeing the graceful land and hospitality of its people the subjugators enchanted and overwhelmed themselves and settled to this charming land ever and anon. So it is ascertained that Bangladesh is the country where oriental and occidental culture, tradition and technology are marched co-herently. In this regard, Huen-Tsang, Fahien, Ibn-Batuta and so many sagacious modern travellers and tourists have written so many positive and worthy writings. Moreover, in addition to that the very locality of Bangladesh have been possessing primitive as well as modern culture and civilization.

So our visiting friends will hold the same opinion to the point that not only the oldest stone-inscription of emperor Asoka at Mahastangarh or natural heritage which have already taken place in the list of world heritage but there are much more resources to be explored which may enrich Bangladesh as well as the world community scientifically, culturally and at large economically. So once more we urge the explorers from every corner of the world to explore potential natural, archaeological and mineral resources which may lead Bangladesh as well as the world community to peace, prosperity and harmonize the humankind like a garland in one string.